About Sky Blue


Sky Blue is a private label co-packer of natural spring water for retailers, brand owners, and distributors for over 20 years. Our many long-term partnerships are the result of building a reputation for exceptional quality, service, and value. We continually strive to find ways to provide our customers with the best packaging options to suit their needs.

Sky Blue’s state of the manufacturing facility together with it’s experienced staff yield a high-level of quality and customer service, which in turn enables Sky blue to offer its customers a strong value-added proposition of low cost, high quality products.

Our spring water source originates from a protected aquifer found deep in the pristine forest of Manitoba‚Äôs Sandilands. Water passes through miles of natural filtration of sand and gravel. The water is transported throughout the day to our bottling facility in Winnipeg Canada—five minutes away from major shipping highways, as well as CN Intermodal. Once the water reaches our facility and begins its journey to be bottled, it is tested throughout the day to ensure its quality and consistency.

The spring water never comes into human contact, so you can be assured that the spring water your customers drink from our bottles has the same clean, crisp taste as it does right at the spring source.